Jacob Gudbjerg

Phone: +45 23 26 32 75

E-mail: JacobGudbjerg@Gmail.com

Jacob Gudbjerg has 10 years of experience within the fields of hydrological research, modelling and development of numerical models. His main scientific research areas are hydrological modeling, model development, non-isothermal multiphase flow, groundwater – surface water interaction and remediation technologies.


1999 Civil Engineer, MSc from Technical University of Denmark

2003 PhD from Technical University of Denmark

2010 Diploma Degree in IT from Copenhagen University College of Engineering



2010 - date

Researcher and software developer

Institute of Geography and Geology, University of Copenhagen

2009 - 2009


Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)

2008 - 2008



2004 - 2008

Consultant and software developer


2003 - 2004


Technical University of Denmark

1999 - 2003


Detailed experience record

2009 OpenSource tools for MikeShe and Jupiter

Software architect and developer

Development of IT-tools to create input data and extract output data.

2009 Numerical investigations of pneumatic soil vapor extraction

Principal investigator

Numerical investigations using T2VOC to improve the performance of soil vapor extraction system for removing volatile organic contaminants.

2008 National Water Resources Model, GEUS

Hydrologist and software developer

Integrated MikeShe/Mike11 model for Southern Jutland.

2008 Mike1D

Software architect and developer

New model to simulate flow in rivers and sewers.

2007 – 2008 WellField2

Software architect and developer

Development of multinode well module for groundwater models. Coupling of groundwater model with water distribution model. http://wellfield.dhigroup.com

2006 – 2008 Safir

Software architect and developer

Management model for irrigation with contaminated water. Migration of advection-dispersion model for MikeShe to OpenMI. http://www.safir4eu.org.

2006 – 2007 Irrigation model for MikeBasin

Software developer

Development of new irrigation model based on recommendations from FAO.

2006 Particle tracking for Mike11

Software architect and developer

Developed particle tracking module to MIKE11.

2006 Studstrup

Model expert

Set up MIKE-SHE model to evaluate the impact of new groundwater abstraction wells.

2005 Scenario controller

Software developer

Developed a small Excel-based tool to extract results from MIKE-SHE groundwater model.

2005 – 2008 Stresoil

Model expert

Steam injection in hydraulic fractures http://www.stresoil.com. Numerical modelling to support the design of a pilot-scale remediation by steam injection.

2005 -2007 WellField

Software developer

Coupling of EPANET and MODFLOW to an integrated tool to simulate pumping at wellfields.

2005 Århus Nord

Model expert

Scenario runs in existing MIKE-SHE model to evaluate the impact of changed groundwater abstraction.

2005 Økovand

Model expert

Reactive transport modelling of nitrate in small catchment.

2004 Århus Syd

Model expert

A detailed study of the groundwater vulnerability including groundwater recharge estimations and delineation of capture zones for well fields.

2004 Oil spills from residential tanks


Literature study on spills and weathering processes of heating oil in soil.

2004 Modeling of steam injection, Rødekro

Model expert

Numerical modelling to support the design of a full-scale remediation by steam injection.

2004 NAME

Model expert

Calibration and application of a local groundwater model for the study area. Reactive transport modelling.

2003 NIRAS

Model expert

Setup and calibration of several MODFLOW models to investigate contaminant transport.

2001 Modeling of steam injection, Odense

Model expert

Numerical modelling to support the design of a full-scale remediation by steam injection.

2001 MODI

Model expert and software developer

Developed EXCEL-based model to simulate soil heating by steam injection for the Danish EPA



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