About HydroNumerics

HydroNumerics is an open source repository, containing C# code and solutions for issues related to hydrological modelling and water information systems.

All HydroNumerics code provided under the open source BSD license, and can be used for both scientific and commercial usage.

The HydroNumerics repository is provided, supported and maintained by the companies HydroInform and Jacob Gudbjerg.

How to access the repository

The repository can be accessed through svn or you can browse the libraries directly in you web browser.

SVN access: http://hydronumerics.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

Browse: http://code.google.com/p/hydronumerics/

HydroNumerics Time series.

Also in the HydroNumerics.Time namespace you can find a simple time series editor, where you can edit groups of time series and simultaneously see the time series as a plot.

The HydroNumerics.Time namespace contains powerful time series classes, which can handle reading and writing to XML files, interpolation, extrapolation and unit conversions. The time series classes can be used as an integrated part of models or information systems. The Time series classes are compliant with the OpenMI 1.4 standard.

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