HydroPad – more than back-of-the-envelope calculations.

Some hydraulic calculations can be made fairly quickly using ordinary hand calculations or by table lookup, but you quickly find yourselves in a situation where there are no explicit solutions for the equations to be solved. Hence, even for simple problems, you may resort to the use of complex numerical models. Such models are typically designed for complex systems and therefore often difficult to use and expensive to acquire.

The idea behind HydroPad is to create a tool that can be used when paper and pencil is no longer enough, but where the use of conventional hydraulic models is overkill.

HydroPad 1.0 calculates hydraulic key parameters and water levels for a prismatic channel with a trapezoidal cross-section for steady state and sub-critical conditioners. HydroPad shows the calculated values ​​immediately after a parameter is changed. In this way you quickly get a good feel for the importance of the different parameters.

Click on the image below to see a short video demonstration of HydroPad

Reference manual

If you want to learn about all the equations behind HydroPad please consult the reference manual

How to install HydroPad

HydroPad is freeware and may be used as described in the HydroPad license agreements.

There are two ways to install HydroPad. Either you download the windows installation file (HydroPad.msi) and install in usual way. Or you download the HydroPad.zip file, and unzip the file to a folder on your computer.

The reason for having those two options is that the windows installation file (HydroPad.msi) may trigger virus alerts, since the code is not signed. If you do have administrator rights on your PC this is not a problem, you simply accept to install anyway. However, if you run into the virus alert problem and you do not have administrator rights, you may not be able to install HydroPad. In this case you can use the zip file. You may wonder why I did not sign the code. Simply because I at this moment do not want to spend the time and money required to make this work. The next version of HydroPad will most probably run as a web application, which does not need any installation.

Download HydroPad.msi (the windows installation file)

Download the HydroPad.zip file