OpenMI 1.4 introduction video

Getting started with the OpenMI may seem difficult. The Introduction to OpenMI video is produced with the purpose of giving you an overview of the OpenMI main concepts, so that later you can more easily use the OpenMI Guidelines and documentation to learn about those details you need.

This 30-minute video is a combination of a PowerPoint presentation and on-screen demos of how to configure OpenMI 1.4 linked systems.

The software and models used on the video are publicly available, so after watching the video you can download these and try creating configurations on your own.

Download video

Download example code

OpenMI Developers training

The OpenMIThe OpenMI Modelling Interface is an IT standard that enables model end users to create configurations consisting of OpenMI-compliant environmental models (such as river models, rainfall-runoff models and groundwater models) where these models exchange data on a time-step basis during the computation. More information about the OpenMI is given on the OpenMI Association website, the OpenMI Technical Committee website and in publications such as Gregersen et. Al 2001. (OpenMI: OpenMI – Open Modelling Interface, Journal of Hydroinformatics, 09.3 2007.)

Using OpenMI to model surface and groundwater exchange

The Mike She model and the HydroNet model were linked in order to investigate how using chloride concentrations as tracer, can be used to improve quantitative assessment of surface- and groundwater exchange


The OpenMI offers many opportunities to model developers. However, getting started with the OpenMI can be quite a challenge. An OpenMI training course will get you past the first hurdles, so you can quickly get going with the OpenMI.


OpenMI SupportEven though the OpenMI is well documented there are always places where things get difficult and where you find yourself spending an unreasonable time to get through. HydroInform has all the necessary experience to help you through these problems. OpenMI support from HydroInform can take many different forms. You can use HydroInform simply as a lifeline to call or mail when you get stuck. Or HydroInform can help you define the overall architecture for your OpenMI solutions or you can ask HydroInform to implement the whole or parts of your software.

Simply call or mail HydroInform, and we can set up the support that suites your needs.

OpenMI Migration of WISKI

HydroInform has assisted Kisters to make WISKI OpenMI compliant.