OpenMI Developers Training

The OpenMI offers many opportunities to model developers. However, getting started with the OpenMI can be quite a challenge. An OpenMI training course will get you past the first hurdles, so you can quickly get going with the OpenMI.

People attending the HydroInform training courses come from different backgrounds. Some have a background in developing numerical models but limited experience with object-oriented programming, some have an IT background but limited knowledge of modelling, and of course some are experts in both numerics and OO and only need to know about the OpenMI. Moreover, people attending the training are interested in using the OpenMI for different purposes. Consequently, OpenMI training courses are usually tailored to the participants’ specific needs.

During the training course you will get as much hands-on experience as possible. In the developers’ training you will migrate a simple time series provider and a river model from scratch. Better to meet the problems during the course, where you can get help to understand and solve the problem, rather than when you are back in your own office.

We can arrange training courses at the premises of your company or institution for you, some of your colleagues and people you co-operate with. You can also contact HydroInform and express your interest. We will then co-ordinate with other people interested in a course and find the best location and time for the training.